Fortune: Action Videos for English Language Learners

Finalist for the 2018 PIEoneer Award for Digital Innovation of the Year

Written and filmed especially for the English language classroom, Fortune is a six-episode video series and course that focuses on teaching pragmatics and communication skills. The Fortune series is an engaging and motivating alternative to artificial language learning videos or commercial films that lack a learning focus.

Chasing Time English’s award-winning production team has created an exciting video series about a detective with a past. As Jimmy Fortune tries to find his kidnapped ex-wife, he will dive back into his own history. The series stands on its own as entertainment and also provides engaging and useful input that teaches pragmatics. And the episodes are supplemented by Scenario videos that provide more natural language in day-to-day social contexts. This combination of input allows students to reflect on ways we do things with words by using intonation, body language, our relationship with the speaker, and set expressions.

The accompanying student book is divided into six units of four parts each: a vocabulary preview, a grammar focus, an interactional (pragmatics) focus, and extension activities such as role plays and listening practice. For each level, there is also a teacher book with answer key, notes on presenting each activity, and suggestions or supplementing the material. Alphabet Publishing is proud to be working with Chasing Time English, publishing the print editions of the Fortune books.

Fortune provides up to 30 hours of classroom teaching time. There are two levels, Blue targeted for Elementary+ (A2) and Gold for Upper Intermediate+ (B1) students. Both levels use the same script but with minor adjustments, Each level of coursebook provides appropriate objectives and activities for the student level.


The Books

  • Blue Elementary+ Student Book
  • Blue Elementary+ Teacher Book
  • Gold Upper Intermediate+ Student Book
  • Gold Upper Intermediate+ Teacher Book

Download Sample Units and other Resources

Sample Unit: Fortune Blue Unit 1

Book Maps and Introduction

The Videos

The videos are available free online. Links below.

If you purchase a class set of Fortune, including one teacher book and 15 or more student books (either Blue or Gold), we will send you all the videos used in the Fortune series on a USB for free. Email; [email protected] for more information.

Season One, all six episodes

At, you can learn more about the Fortune series. You can also read about upcoming seasons, new serials in the works, and purchase learning materials in ebook form.