Alphabet Publishing is a small, independent publishing company that specializes in teacher resource materials and supplementary student activity books in the area of English language learning. All our products are author-led and all our authors are teachers practicing in the classroom now. That means our materials are 100% teacher-created, classroom tested, and student-approved!

We recognize the key role author-teachers play in creating quality materials, so we offer generous royalties!

Hi! I’m Walton Burns, a teacher, teacher-trainer, writer, and editor. Alphabet Publishing started as a series of accidents.

Having worked on several books for major publishers, I was curious to also experiment with self-publishing. I had an idea for a book of activities to do on the first day of school. I didn’t think the big publishers would be interested: it was too short, too niche, and I wasn’t a big enough name to sell it.

So I published it myself, with much help and guidance from colleagues, friends, and editing professionals! Then I was approached by a fellow teacher who had a book idea and was willing to take a risk with me.

I published a few books after that, learning as I went and not failing spectacularly. I was blessed to find more professionals willing to work with me! When I got my first proposal from an author I didn’t know, I knew I had a proper publishing company!

Feel free to browse our catalog of books and if you like, you can get in touch. We love to hear back about what worked and what didn’t work and what kinds of resources you’d like to see us put out.

Our logo, designed by Josh Comen, represents a tree growing out of nib of a pen, or perhaps the tree is the ink spilling. It makes me think of the Tree of Knowledge, with knowledge kept and transmitted through written words. A tree is always growing and changing as is knowledge. At the same time, what are the books we write it, but paper that comes from trees? There’s a cyclical nature then to the tree growing from the pen and the pen growing from the tree.

About Our Name

It so happens that I chose the name of my company on August 10th, 2015.

Now, I chose the name partially on the advice of my son, who was about to turn three at the time. I asked him, “What I should name my publishing company.”

He said, “Alphabet.” So I took his advice. It’s worth noting that he also suggested naming his stuffed puppy Alphabet. And the car. And a girl he played with at the library.

At the time, I thought it odd that lots of alphabet-related domains were taken. Then I looked at the news: Meet Google Alphabet – Google’s new parent company. We are are in no way affiliated with Google or Alphabet. However, if they feel that my son deserves a commission fee, we won’t say no.