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60 beautiful pages of hand-illustrated writing or discussion prompts that focus on the bright side of life. They make great warmers, fillers, pre-writing exercises, regular journaling prompts, or even getting-to-know-you activities. Build a creative and positive environment in class and build community!

This PowerPoint edition is perfect for distance learning! You can copy the slides you want into your class PowerPoint slides or whatever slide program you use. Or import them into Google Slides and add them to Google Classroom. Works whether you’re teaching from home or in classroom, whether you’re a teacher or a homeschooler!

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How can we help kids enjoy learning more?

How can we build positivity for kids?

This book sets out to do just that with 60 positive activities. Yet these positive classroom activities have a serious purpose: building resilience and grit, and encouraging mindfulness. When kids get caught in a negative cycle of frustration and anxiety, they don’t learn or retain information as well! The prompts in this book are designed to help free students from this negativity, build self-understanding, create compassion, and help them love to learn.

The activities are also wonderful discussion or writing prompts. Use them to break the ice in a new class, introduce the theme of a new unit, or do some pre-writing for a longer composition. The book could be a regular do-now or a fast-finisher activity. And once they’ve filled it in, students can keep the book around and use it as a source of inspiration. It can even be a kind of diary or journal for students to record their day

.Highly adaptable and flexible, these exercises are easy to fit into a primary-school classroom, after-school program, pre-school, nursery school, kindergarten, or even homeschooling. Increase happiness, improve learning, build positivity for kids, and motivate students with 60 Positive Activities for Kids.

Download a free sample of some of the activities here, get some ideas on how to use it in the classroom, or check out the edition for teens and adults.

Also available as a paperback book, great to keep as a journal.

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