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Fortune Blue Student Book for Elementary+, A2

Written and filmed by Chasing Time films, especially for the English language classroom, Fortune is a six-episode video series and course that specializes in communication skills. The Fortune series is an engaging and motivating alternative to artificial language learning videos or commercial films that lack a learning focus.

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15 June 2018


86 pages

Reviews and Comments

The team at Chasing Time English have put together an astonishing amount of high quality content pitched perfectly for the target proficiency levels involved.  You would be very hard pressed to find higher quality, more engaging materials specifically designed for learning English both at home and for teachers in the classroom.  The perfect marriage of language expertise and artistic quality—Strongly recommend!
—Dr. Peter Crosthwaite, University of Queensland
The Fortune series is a refreshing new narrative series designed for learners of English. The story is compelling and the characters are believable, but what sets the series apart is how the script writers have consulted relevant linguistic research in order to fulfill their commitment to authenticity.
—Professor Donna Tatsuki, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies
Entertaining, educational, and innovative. Three key words that perfectly capture the experience that is Chasing Time English. The Fortune series is a must for any learner looking to expand their learning experience beyond what is currently available. Created by a team that includes experts in language education as well as entertainment, Fortune fills an important gap in the language learning market that sure to motivate language learners across the globe.
—Dr. Michael Rabbidge, Waikato Institute of Technology

Free Resources

Some free resources to download including the first unit of the student book and teacher book, the introduction, and the book map.

Scope and Sequence

Fortune Blue Student Book Book Map

6 units with lessons in 4 parts: vocabulary, grammar, interaction, and extension activities:
1. Episode: Help
Grammar: Wh- questions, Wh- words, Subject questions & object questions
Interaction: Requests

2. Episode: A friend in need
Grammar: Past simple, Forms of common regular and irregular verbs
Interaction: Service encounters, Requests and placing orders politely

3. Episode: The clock is ticking
Grammar: Imperatives, Common imperative structures
Interaction: Telephone calls

4. Episode: Safe house
Grammar: Modal verbs: Have to & Should, Form and use
Interaction: Offering to help, Accepting and declining offers

5. Episode: Twists and turns
Grammar: Present perfect, Past participle, Form, meaning and use of present perfect
Interaction: Giving and responding to news

6. Episode: When will it be over?
Grammar: Future time Will, Be going to
Interaction: Taking leave / Goodbyes

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