Innovative and original lesson plans that are quick and easy to use. Perfect for new teachers who wants to break away from the textbook. But even an experienced teacher will love this low-prep guide to incorporating art, storytelling, and drama to the classroom!


Original Innovative Lesson Plans for Students to Explore Language Creatively!

Perfect for new teachers

New teachers are often hesitant to stray from the textbook, but even the most experienced may be unsure how to incorporate story-telling, memes, or creative making into a lesson. This book is full of original activities that engage students without sacrificing the learning!

These lesson plans will engage and challenge your students, and they will also challenge you as the teacher. If you’ve taken the safe route until now, relying on student books in your lesson plans, using a lot of printouts, and not taking too many risks, then these lessons will stretch you beyond your comfort zone. As you become familiar with the framework, you’ll find yourself adapting and improving these lessons. And even developing new, original lessons.


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76 pages


7 x 10 inches



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