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Looking for a great stress-buster, bell-ringer, brain-break, warmer, filler, or fast-finisher activity?

This beautifully illustrated writing or conversation prompt asks students to think about a time someone helped them. How did they feel? What exactly happened?Did they thank the person. Students can respond in a short writing or discuss their experience with a partner.

Use it as a filler activity, a do-now, or to introduce a unit about gratitude, kindness, or even Thanksgiving. Or make it part of a pre-writing. Students can follow up with a narrative writing, an expository piece about kindness, or even do a short roleplay. You can even start off a whole-class discussion about being nice to others!

It’s a great way to promote Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) as students thinking about kindness and how being kind makes others feel.


Each of these original worksheets from the 60 Positive Activities for Kids activities are extremely flexible and adaptable to fit your classroom! Students can respond in writing, in discussion, or by drawing. Younger learners (or lower-level ESL/EFL students) might start with a drawing, then label it. After that, they can tell their partner about their answer, before doing a short writing of a sentence or two. Older or more advanced students might start with drawings and notes, and move straight to a paragraph, which they can then read or present to the class!

They’re easy to fit into a writing class, English class, creative play time, or even an after-school program, preschool, nursery school, kindergarten, or homeschooling situation.

Also available as a set of PowerPoints, easy to add to classroom or distance learning slide shows or as a paperback book, great for regular journaling!

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