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A Ghost Story for English-Language Learners

Emma planned to hike Skippers Pass. Then she accepts an invitation from Sophie, another hiker, to swim at a hidden swimming hole. 

But Sophie is not what she seems to be. And now Emma’s life is a nightmare that she can’t wake up from!

Teach natural communicative English with innovative techniques and an engaging and motivating video drama.

This coursebook accompanies the 4-episode (suspenseful but completely classroom-safe) ghost story videos, available free online. The all-in-one book includes photocopiable student pages and resources, as well as comprehensive teacher notes and answer keys!

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Using Videos to Teach English Has Never Been So Thrilling

Skippers Pass is an all-in-one resource book that contains photocopiable student pages and other resources, along with comprehensive teacher notes. The course consists of 28 lessons over 4 units. Each unit guides students through one episode of the (classroom-safe) video drama about a hiker who has lost her way (and possibly her mind) in the rugged wilderness of New Zealand. This engaging and well-thought out course takes full advantage of the benefits of videos to teach English.

With a strong focus on natural communication, the activities in the book explore the pragmatics of employing sarcasm, nonverbal communication, using repetition for clarification and more. Drama-based activities provide authentic practice. There are also guiding questions and comprehension questions as well as vocabulary study. And each unit includes opportunities for writing as well as spoken practice.

The book is designed for flexible use across skills-based lessons and can work in the classroom, in one-on-one, tutoring, or even as a self-study resource.


Download Skippers Pass Unit 1 Extract and preview the materials. Find the accompanying episode of Skippers Pass on Youtube.

Chasing Time English is the product of an international collaboration between a team of award-winning film makers and experienced applied linguists and English-language teachers. Browse all of their innovative textbooks that use videos to teach English.

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