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Hypothetical situations that start conversations and encourage critical thinking! These What Would You Dos go way beyond the usual with suggested solutions and variables that might make students rethink.

This PowerPoint edition is perfect for distance learning! You can copy the slides you want into your class PowerPoint slides or whatever slide program you use. Or import them into Google Slides and add them to Google Classroom. Works whether you’re teaching from home or in classroom, whether you’re a teacher or a homeschooler!

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Get students thinking and talking with this collection of creative and original hypothetical What Would You Do? situations from veteran English teacher Taylor Sapp. The 27 critical thinking prompts here are designed with young learners or elementary school students in mind.

What would you do if:

  • your best friend stopped showering and people noticed?
  • there was a ghost in your bedroom?
  • you saw a dog locked in a hot car?
  • you could only save one thing from your house before it was covered in lava?
  • you found a wallet on the street?

and 22 more hypothetical situation prompts for students to respond to. This activity works equally well as a speaking or writing practice.

This Powerpoint edition is specially formatted for distance learning / remote teaching. Each situation has two slides:

On the first slide you’ll find a short situation, then a short expression of the dilemma, highlighting the issue, and finally some suggested solutions, although students are welcome to create their own innovative solutions (and trust me, they will!)

On the second slide, there are some ideas for variables that might change your students’ answers. This helps students think about their actions in context. Many of these situations also touch on important Social-Emotional Learning points such as how to deal with a cheater or a friend with hygiene problems.

In addition, there are slides with suggestion for use, most of them working equally well via online distance learning or face-to-face!

Preview What Would You Do?

Download a sample activity and try it out.

Looking for a book with more situations, more extension activities, writing prompts, and games? Check out What Would You Do? 81 Philosophical Situations for Discussion and Expansion.

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