The benefits of having students read and perform scripts are numerous. They include practice with body language and gesture, improved pronunciation and intonation, awareness of pragmatics and how context changes how we communicate, a safe space to practice as students are playing a role, opportunities for improvisation and creativity, and the development of team work skills as students work together on a group project.

In short students gain tools to speak more effectively. Or with more emotional impact. Or more persuasively. Or more clearly….

That’s why we’ve developed two series of scripts for students. Click on the titles to learn more.

Integrated Skills Through Drama

Short Plays for English Learners

Theater Handbook

Coming in 2019!

This teacher’s guide is designed for teachers who want to try drama in their English classrooms but don’t know where to start. This book contains monologues, sketches, and scripts, as well as activities and teacher support—everything you need to go from drama games and pronunciation activities to a full production!