We’re thrilled that two of our authors will be presenting at CATESOL this year. Teresa X. Nguyen and Alice Savage. This is CATESOL’s 50th anniversary, which makes it an exciting event! Both Teresa and Alice are excellent presenters who love to share hands-on activities. I’m sure these sessions will be no different. So be prepared to walk away with a lot of great new activity ideas to make your classroom more dynamic and active, without sacrificing the learning!

Teresa will be presenting on Friday, October 4th at 2:25pm. Her presentation is on Using Icebreakers and Energizers to Revive Classroom Conversation. Research implies that students are losing interest in conversation. Icebreakers and energizers help students overcome this resistance by breaking down walls and opening pathways to communication. Leave the workshop with at least 10 activities to use in the classroom to engage students in dialogue.

Teresa has two wonderful books out with us: 60 Positive Activities for Every Classroom and 60 Positive Activities for Kids, both of which are full of engaging and positive writing or discussion prompts that make excellent icebreakers, as well.

Alice’s presentationcalled Get Dramatic in the Classroom (in a goo way, I assume): Explore various ways in which drama can inform English language teaching in this experiential workshop. The session begins with community builders and their role in reducing affect. This orientation is followed by activities for working on pronunciation, including prosody exercises to help deliver implicit messages. Participants then “move” on to drama-based kinesthetic grammar practice and a discussion of embodied learning. Next attendees engage with sketches and character driven scenes to explore the hidden language of pragmatics. Playing the role of students, they will apply this awareness of social signaling to improvisation games and roleplays. Finally, participants will discuss possibilities for staging and even writing short plays with their students.

I’m sure she’ll be mentioning her latest book, The Drama Book, a complete guide to using drama and theater in the classroom.

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