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We’re putting some of the activities from our books up on Teachers Pay Teachers, but we have a problem! We don’t which activities you guys are looking for. So, we want your feedback and we don’t expect you to help us for free.

So we’re raffling off three $10 TeachersPayTeachers gift cards! To win, all you have to do is click on the three links below, take a look at the resources, and then fill out the form below, telling us which resource you’d like to see more of. Please choose the one you like the most!

2 Replies to “Win One of 3 $10 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card”

  1. What would you do? – meets several systems needs that I have when teaching low to upper intermediate classes. While the book offers topical themes that are in a near natural way and more realistic for SS to respond to. The other two books are also quite nice, however what would you do meets bot my teaching and learners’ needs the best. Thank you!

  2. Infinished story-choose a path..I havent used it with my students who are high level native 3 English 13 YO English students attendingm tongue lessons in Stockholm.The students like to express their opinions and have choice (which they can choose the unnamed road) As the focus is on practising speaking,more specifically we are working on vocamore nuanced expressive vocabulary, I like this type of task as it stimulates discussion and the English curriculum in Sweden does not give space for creative writing .
    My critique of this high quality resource is that a collaborative task would have added to the experience in line with pedagogical approach which is a longterm outcome-more sharing and cooperation and less isolated competiveness..fostering a sense of shared community..a much-needed strategy that promotes inclusion,empathy and rails against that feeling of alienation/disempowerment that teens often seem to be manifesting, reflecting the ominous zeitgheist of our times.

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