Scripted video dramas are a powerful tool for teaching authentic communication skills, including non-verbal communication. We are proud to be the exclusive publishers of video drama materials from Chasing Time English, a New Zealand-based film production company. Chasing Time English provides engaging drama series for English language teachers with compelling materials for classroom and independent use.

Skippers Pass

Emma planned to hike Skippers Pass. Then she accepts an invitation from Sophie, another hiker, to swim at a hidden swimming hole. 

But Sophie is not what she seems to be. And now Emma’s life is a nightmare that she can’t wake up from!

Teach natural communicative English with innovative techniques and an engaging and motivating video drama.

This coursebook accompanies the 4-episode (suspenseful but completely classroom-safe) ghost story videos, available free online. The all-in-one book includes photocopiable student pages and resources, as well as comprehensive teacher notes and answer keys!


A man wakes up in a mysterious room. An unknown agent interrogates him about his last job, a job that went wrong, unbeknownst to him. We learn more and more about the job, the agent, and what went wrong. But will we ever know the whole truth? This 4-episode drama will get students thinking and talking and practicing English.

The accompanying materials (designed for advanced, C1 learners) teach vocabulary, reading, and listening. But the real focus is on communication skills, including pragmatics and adjacency pairs. Students are encouraged to act out the dialogues, practicing pronunciation and other speaking skills, and then improvise new scenes.


When his old army buddy calls him to find his wife, Jimmy Fortune, private investigator, takes the case. But he’s forced to confront pieces of his past he thought he’d left behind. And the case turns out to be much more complicated than he thought.

Fortune is a 6-episode video drama written with language learners in mind. The accompanying student book teaches vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and listening, using the episodes as input. There are two versions of the dramas, Blue for Elementary+ and Gold for Upper-Intermediate. Both follow the same plot, but with some language adjustments. Each version of the textbook also present different grammar points and communication goals appropriate for the respective levels.