Finish the Job. No Excuses.

It was a simple job.
Take the contact from point A to point B.
But someone knew the secret that would stop Will from fulfilling his commitment. And now he’s being interrogated by a mysterious agent who knows more than she lets on.

This is the world of Adrift, a four-episode video drama for learners by Chasing Time English created for C1+/Advanced language learners. This engaging, professionally produced video series provides models of oral communication in English, using verbal and non-verbal communication.

The book focuses on pragmatics skills that students can apply outside the classroom, whether it be social conversations, academic debates, or work presentations.

Each chapter consists of:

  • Preview vocabulary and discussion activities
  • Theme-based tasks
  • Pragmatics lessons and activities
  • Confidence in communication drama activities
  • Extension/evaluation activities including listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary and writing tasks.

A final creative assignment brings together all the communication skills students have learned as they create their own solution to the mystery at the heart of Adrift. And the script is provided for use as a graded reader.

The Books

The Videos

All videos and audio tracks are available from the Chasing Time English website (free with registration).

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