We’re ecstatic to announce the world premiere of Paul Leonard Murray’s adaptation of Macbeth, #3 in the Silly Shakespeare for Students series.

The Flying Banana Children’s Theater of Moscow will present the play with a cast of both Russian and English speakers on:

5 November 2020

8:00pm Moscow time
(12 noon EST, 5pm London/UTC)

350 rubles
(~US$4.40 or €4.75 or £3.50)

Find it in your local time here.

A creepy introduction from the cast, but the script also highlights the lighter site of regicide, civil war, witchcraft, and executions! I promise!

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Macbeth

“The concept is original and the execution brilliant. This is Dr Seuss meets Shakespeare, with all the joy of the former meshed with all the intrigue of the latter.” — David Crystal, author of Shakespeare’s Words and How Language Works

“A great introduction to the demands of Shakespearean text but also exciting, bombastic, rhythmic pieces in themselves”.— Gordon Murray, Director, Blue Tongue Theatre Company

“I’ve been lucky enough to read three of the resources in this series – consistently engaging, humorous, easy to read and well-graded. I am genuinely trying to hold back the praise with this one – these are top notch resources.”
— Peter Clements, blogger at ELTPlanning and co-author of Start Up

“Shakespeare can be hard to understand but this book tells the same story but in a way that is easier to understand. Great for students and teachers.”
— Rhonda, Goodreads Reviewer

“This version of the play keeps the rhyming but simplifies the language so the story itself becomes the focus.”
— Suzanne Hare, Goodreads Reviewer

So get your tickets now, or check out the books on our Silly Shakespeare for Students page:

How to Get Tickets to Macbeth

For tickets, go to https://onlineteatr.com/show/view/98. The website is in Russian (the play is in English, don’t worry!) To buy tickets, follow these instructions.

  1. Click on the blue box next to the credit card symbols that says “Купить PIN-код” (Buy Pin Code)

2. On the next page, you’ll see the name of the show, time, date, and price all in Russia. Enter the email address you want your Pin Code sent to in the white box next to the envelope. And check the box below to confirm you agree to the terms and conditions.

3. Then click on the blue arrow pointing right, to go to payment.

4. On the next page, click on the grey link inside the white box. This will direct you to their bank website.

5. You should now be on the webpage of RFI Bank. Choose the first radio button to pay by card, check your email, and then click the button at the bottom to go to the payment page.

6. You should now be on the payment page. Enter your card number, name on the card, month and date of expiration, and your 3-digit CVVV and press the button to pay.

7. You should be redirected, if the payment is successful. You’ll see a confirmation message and a bolded sentence. Your Pin Code is the last thing in that sentence (I blacked mine out).

You’ll also get an email from [email protected] (in addition to your receipt and confirmation from the bank) with a single sentence giving you your PIN CODE. The email may look weird depending on how your email reader reads Cyrillic, but the Pin Code is the string of Latin letters and numbers at the end (I blacked mine out)

How to Watch Macbeth

10 minutes before the show, go to the show website and click on Watch the Show (upper-left corner).
You’ll be prompted to enter your Pin Code (PIN KOD) and then the show should come up in your browser!

And check out all our Silly Shakespeare for Students Scripts:
for sale direct from us or wherever you buy books! Performance rights available on request.

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