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Her Own Worst Enemy Audio Recording


The Audio Recording of Her Own Worst Enemy, a play by Alice Savage written for English language learners. Download in MP3 format.

Drama in the performance of texts is one of the most compelling of language learning resources…This book offers a wealth of preparatory activities, suggestions for varied ways of using the text and helpful suggestions for follow-up.
— Alan Maley

A treasure trove of teaching ideas, covering areas like pronunciation, grammar, pragmatics, discussion themes.
— Charlyn Wessels Dyers, author of Drama in the Oxford Resource Series for Teachers


This audio recording of the play Her Own Worst Enemy by Alice Savage was created to help teachers and students working with the coursebook Her Own Worst Enemy, published by Alphabet Publishing. This book is part of the Integrated Skills Through Drama Series that guides students through the project of rehearsing and performing an original one-act play, written in natural language, with the English language learner in mind.

As they prepare, they study how to use intonation, emphasis, body language and gesture, fixed expressions and idioms, and rhetorical strategies to make meaning. They study pragmatics, the “hidden language” of how culture, context, and relationships, shape how we get what we want with words. And because they are working with a play instead of a textbook dialogue, they are analyzing natural conversation in authentic situations.

The Her Own Worst Enemy Audio Recording performed by professional actors and drama students provides one model of how to perform the roles which students can use to shape their own acting choices, whether they chose to imitate or deviate from the actors in the audio. Teachers can play the audio so students can hear the whole play or ask students to record their own performances and compare to this.

Not ready to buy? Listen to the play scene by scene on SoundCloud or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Cast of Her Own Worst Enemy Audio Recording:

Aida – Shini Meyer Wang
Laith – Scott Tesh
Marie – Ione Meyer
Vanessa – Alice Llano
Lily – Alice Savage
Ken – Kaveh Shafiei
Professor Horncastle – Jackson Burnham

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