How to Be a Reviewer

We are always looking for more people to join our review team and give us feedback on our new materials, write blurbs for marketing materials, leave reader reviews on bookstore websites, or even publish reviews on blogs, sites, or social media!

Here’s how to help:

For Bloggers

If you have an education blog and want a review copy of our materials, please write to info [at] alphabetpublishingbooks [dot] com. Let us know your blog’s URL and approximate traffic count and when you plan to publish the review. We’ll be happy to send an ebook copy of our materials for free anywhere in the world, or a print copy to the US or the UK.
We expect you to give an HONEST opinion; we don’t expect you to say you like something if you don’t. We generally don’t pay for reviews, although we’re open to offers of paid advertising as long as it is clearly marked as such!

For Teachers

Be part of our Review Team

Review Exchanges and Cross-Promotion

We love spreading the word about our materials and we’re happy to take a look at your materials and leave an HONEST review or give a social media shout out. However, the materials must be high-quality and relevant to our teaching experience. It really won’t help you to have us give a vague positive review just because we feel obligated. And we don’t want you to review our stuff, simply in the hopes that we will then review yours.
We are also open to cross-promotion if the materials are related somehow or compliment each other. Feel free to get in touch and let us know if you have a book or app or site to promote that you think our readers would like and we can talk about a cross or joint promotion!