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Alphabet Publishing is a small, independent publishing company that specializes in teacher resource materials and supplementary student activity books in the area of English language learning. All our products are author-led and all our authors are teachers practicing in the classroom now. That means our materials are 100% teacher-created, classroom tested, and student-approved!

We recognize the key role author-teachers play in creating quality materials, so we offer above-average royaltites to our authors.

Hi! I’m Walton Burns, a teacher, teacher-trainer, writer, and editor.

Having worked on several books for major publishers, I was curious to also experiment with self-publishing. I had an idea for a book of activities to do on the first day of school. I didn’t think the big publishers would be interested: it was too short, too niche, and I wasn’t a big enough name to sell it.
So I published it myself, with much help and guidance from colleagues, friends, and editing professionals! Then I was approached by a fellow teacher who had a book idea and was willing to take a risk with me.
I published a few books after that, learning as I went and not failing spectacularly. I was blessed to find more professionals willing to work with me! When I got my first proposal from an author I didn’t know, I knew I had a proper publishing company!

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