Red Panda is the division of Alphabet Publishing that offers freelance editorial and design services to self-publishers. We specialize in self-publishing educational and instructional material, but we’ll work with anyone.

We  particularly enjoy dealing with first-time authors, making the process of creating a new book enjoyable and rewarding. We are always happy to consult and patiently explain the process. Our prices are extremely reasonable and we are happy to explain exactly what you get for that price and help you avoid the predatory practices of others.

Rates are based on the amount of time the project takes so the rates below are based on the industry standard 250-word page, which is how long a standard page full of text is.

Educational materials may have fewer words on the page, but they may also have more complex designs.

  • Content editing $1-$5 per page
  • Copy-editing $1-$10
  • Formatting ebooks: $50
  • Ebook cover: $100
  • Print cover, including back cover: $250
  • Diagrams, charts, basic pictures: $25 per hour
  • Uploading books to distribution services: $30/site
  • Other consulting services $25/hour

Get in touch, let us know what your project is, and how we can help you.

Our Portfolio of Services for Self-Publishers


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Worksheets, Posters, Handouts, Graphics

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