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Alphabet Publishing is an independent publishing companies that offer a varied selection of innovative and creative supplementary resources for students and teachers that are a bit outside the box. All our products are author-led and all our authors are teachers practicing in the classroom now. That means our materials are 100% teacher-created, classroom-tested, and student-approved!

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I Don’t Know an Interesting Fact About Myself

A while back, I did a workshop for teachers from the former Soviet Union. I wanted to do a warmer, so I pulled one of my favorite quick icebreakers out; say one interesting fact about themselves. The first teacher said, “My name is Elena and my interesting fact is that I am from Karaganda, Kazakhstan.” Now this was not in fact an interesting fact in the way that I meant interesting. Everyone in the room was from Kazakhstan. Most of them were born in the same region of the country. Unless you were born somewhere far away or exotic,

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Creating a Classroom Community Builder Activity

I’m a big proponent of getting to know you activities, not only on the first day of class, but beyond. However, you should definitely do icebreakers or warmers mindfully. Getting to know you activities are really for building community in the classroom. Sometimes that means you have to tweak your planned icebreaker to turn it into a classroom community building activity. That’s why I love this article with a good set of questions for choosing and implementing classroom community builders or other icebreakers. Or if you’re like me, you love to create your own activities. In that case, this

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Pragmatics is Everywhere

I got this amazing feedback from an educator about one of our drama books and how teaching pragmatics resonates with her students: I introduced the idea of using [Her Own Worst Enemy] in the classroom to my principal, and she loved the idea! I also did a tiny lesson on pragmatics with some of my ninth graders, and they seemed to enjoy it. A few weeks after the lesson, a special needs student was able to connect pragmatism to another lesson we were doing. There are powerful things for students to learn in this play! This is why we

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How to do a Play with ESL Students

Producing a play in class can be an amazing learning experience. Drama is more than just a way to cover a book or a fun treat! Plays are a powerful too for teaching speaking skills, particularly natural, authentic English conversation. And producing a play is a great group project, a fantastic example of project-based learning. However, doing a play can be a challenge. So our author, Alice Savage has provided her extensive and valuable experience in how to do a play with ESL students! She produced her own original play, Rising Water, with her community college students. You may

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Guide to Stories Without End

Our latest book, Stories Without End  by Taylor Sapp, came out last week. In case you missed it, or the subtitle “24 open-ended stories to engage students in reading, discussion, and creative writing,” wasn’t clear, the Stories Without End is a collection of 24 short stories that end on a cliffhanger. Students read short stories, discuss them, and then write their own endings: It’s an innovative and interactive way to teach reading and writing. The stories themselves are pretty intriguing and creative themselves, so they generate a lot of discussion. Some have a science-fiction flavor and ask what life

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Yes, Virginia There is a Santa Claus Christmas Activity

Looking for a Christmas Activity with “Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus”? This  reading activity on the famous editorial from The Sun Newspaper, has students read and discuss the editorial. It’s a great way to introduce Santa Claus and the idea of the spirit of Christmas. Students discuss belief in Santa Claus and what Santa Claus symbolizes. Although focused on American views of Christmas, the activity  definitely crosses cultural boundaries as every culture has imaginary characters, people who like to believe in magic, and others who think we should be more simplified. Materials The original text of the “Yes Virginia”

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Using Minecraft as a Teaching Tool

This post is part of my work in the 2022 Minecraft EVO MOOC, some reflections on using Minecraft as a teaching tool. My own journey with Minecraft has always been tied to my students, if not teaching. I started playing with it in 2012 because I kept hearing my students talk about it. That’s usually how I find out about all the fun games. So I figured I’d give this Minecraft thing a shot. I really liked it and so I’d chat with my students about it, too! Sharing common hobbies is a simple way to build some rapport

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Engage Students in Discussion With the Right Questions

Asking questions happens to be one of my favorite things to do. I used to run a discussion club in Kazakhstan where students could just come and chat about some topic or another. It was my favorite thing to do, to get students up and talking. I know some teachers struggle with that. I see teachers on social media all the time asking about how to get students to speak in class, and engage in discussions. To me, asking the right questions is key. So I thought I would share two things here: What DOES NOT work to get

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How to Read EPUBS

When you buy ebooks through the Kindle store or iBooks or a similar marketplace, you can open and read them quite easily. However, when you download epubs from a website like ours, you have to download a program or import them to your usual ebook reader. Here’s a list of programs that allow you to read ebooks on your PC, Mac, tablet, or phone. This is by no means a comprehensive list! Please share your favorite EPUB or ebook readers in the comments!   Adobe Digital Editions: Works on Windows and Macs as well as iPhones and Android Phones. 

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