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Alphabet Publishing is an independent publishing company that offers a varied selection of innovative and creative supplementary resources for students and teachers that are a bit outside the box. All our products are author-led and all our authors are teachers practicing in the classroom now. That means our materials are 100% teacher-created, classroom-tested, and student-approved!

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Freelance Publishing Consulting Services


We can provide content editing, copy editing, and proof reading.

Book Design

We can format and design interiors or covers for print or ebooks.


We can help you put your book on KDP or Amazon, or provide advice and guidance at any step of your publishing journey.

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Self Publishing Books for Teachers: Everything to Know

I’m working on a series of posts on everything you need to know about self publishing. My experience is in education so much of what I write will be best for teachers or non-fiction. However, self publishing is self publishing and a book is a book, so there should be something here for every author. I’m covering  resources you need and where to get them. What can you do yourself and what are the advantages of hiring a professional editor or book designer? What should you expect when hiring a professional and how can you spot scams? Do you

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Synposes of Our Short Plays for the Classroom

Are you thinking about trying a play in your English language classroom? Not sure which one to choose? Here are the synopses of our short plays for the classroom. You can also download this list of short plays here. Just Desserts (Drama) The setting is a restaurant kitchen in a seaside hotel. Layla, a young immigrant, is in trouble with her boss. The head chef scolds her for not following his instructions for cutting strawberries. He also seems bothered by the fact that her saffron cake with pistachio cream is becoming increasingly popular. When the chef steals her recipe

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How to Get a Good Cover for Your Self-Published Book

Cover design is an area that many self-publishers struggle with. Designing an effective cover is an art that takes skill and knowledge. Graphic design software has become more and more accessible, including free tools like Canva. So it is now feasible for anyone to create a book cover image. However, a graphic designer does more than slap some words over an image. A good cover designer will have a broad knowledge of art and design theory and history. They will also research genre expectations Finally, they have access to resources including complex graphic design programs. These programs can be

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Should You Hire an Editor for Your Self-Published Book?

One of the biggest debates in the self-publishing world these days is: do self-publishers really need editors? The answer is yes, yes, and yes. You need an editor, or rather you need editing services. There are (basically) 3  kinds of editing and you need to go through all three steps. However, you may or may not need a professional editor for all three! So why do so many self-publishers think they don’t need an editor? One of the main motivations for self-publishing is keeping creative control, as I mentioned an earlier post in my  series on how to self-publish

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