This is a short guide to creating a new world in Minecraft so you can start building with the help of one of our Easy Minecraft for Kids books available in print or ebook.

As of the writing of this page, Minecraft can be run on a PC computer, Android devices, iPhone or iPad, Xbox, Playstation, WiiU, or Nintendo Switch. The exact cost varies depending on the platform and version. The PC version costs $27.00 and most versions for tablets or phones costs 6.99.

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A Perfect World for Building

When you get it downloaded and start it, you’ll need to make a free account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see this screen:

Press play and you’ll see the screen below. Notice all your old worlds will appear here once you start making some. Then, you can click on an old world to go back to it.

Otherwise, click “Create New”

You can just create the new world, but I recommend a few setting changes to make it easier for younger kids.

Scroll down to “Always Day” and click it on.

Now, scroll down to “Weather Cycle” and click it off.

This means the sun will always be shining. So, you can always see to build. It also means there won’t be any rain or snow.

Now, scroll up. Give your world a name in the “World Name” box. You can get as creative as you want. Mine is called BUILDING IS AWESOME!!!!

In the next box, “Default Game Mode”, choose Creative. This mode means you can get any material you want in your inventory. That makes it easy to build. You don’t have to collect resources you need.

In Creative mode, you can also fly. So it’s easy to build towers or tall buildings. Or to explore the world and find a cool place to build.

You also won’t die if you fall off a cliff. Or fall in water. Or lava! Or anything actually. Not even monsters can hurt you.

Speaking of monsters, we can do one more thing. Change the “Difficulty” to Peaceful. That means there won’t be any monsters at all. That’s so there are fewer distractions. Of course, monsters can be fun, too.

Up to you!

Look at all those doors I can get! Thanks, creative mode!

Getting Started

Minecraft basics are easy to learn through experience. Walk around. Press buttons. Put things in places. Get to know how the world works. Here are some things to figure out before you try to get fancy with your builds.

These questions apply to Creative Mode!

  1. How do you place a block?
  2. How do you destroy a block?
  3. How high can you jump?
  4. How do you start flying? How do you go up? How do you go down?
  5. What happens when you break a block of sand?
  6. How do you swim?
  7. How do you open the inventory?
  8. How do you search for things in the inventory?
  9. What do those little symbols in your inventory mean? What kinds of things do you find in each tab?
  10. How do you put things in your hotbar?
  11. How do you put things in your full inventory?
  12. How do you use something in your hotbar? How do you switch what you are using?
  13. As you fly around what kinds of areas or biomes do you see? What differences do you notice? Do you have a favorite yet?

Now check out our Easy Minecraft for Kids books and get building!