World Folk tales Graded Readers tell stories from some of the lesser-known corners of the world, such as Kazakhstan, Vanuatu, and the Romani people. Students of all ages love fairy tales and folklore. These tales of the world are engaging and pass on the wisdom of a culture. Reading folktales makes it easy to introduce discussions about different cultures. Each book has been authored and/or edited by a member of the target culture to ensure the culture and tale are presented with care, respect, and accuracy!

Each book contains:

Before You Read: Key information about the culture and the meaning of the story, as well as any necessary background information.

The Story: Each tale has been graded to a beginner/elementary level making it easy for students to read and retell. Detailed leveling information is available as well. Beautiful illustrations aid comprehension and make the stories fun to read.

Vocabulary: Words that are key to the story and above level have simple glosses.

Questions: Comprehension questions to make sure students followed the story, as well as discussion questions on the theme of the story.

Creating: A prompt to tell or invent a similar story from the students’ culture or from their imagination!

Learn More: A link to an easy-to-read source so students can learn more about the country or culture. Great for a research, expository writing, or presentation project.