Project-Based Learning with Plays

Curious to try project-based learning in your classroom, but not sure where to start? Want an engaging project to do with students that teaches authentic communication skills and provides practice in teamwork skills? Consider project-based learning with plays, using one of the Integrated Skills Through Drama books that guides your class through the process of rehearsing, performing, and producing an original short play. I always like to share resources that contain something a little different in this end of summer, back to school, period, when teachers have time to prepare something like project-based learning (PBL). The wonderful thing about […]

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Jimmy Fortune, private investigator, from the Fortune series, a scripted drama that teaches communication skills.

Fortune: an Innovative Video Series for Language Learning

As you may have gathered from our site, Facebook page, or Twitter, we have a new project out: The Fortune Series, a coursebook with a focus on pragmatics and speaking built around an original 6-episode video series for language learning. The drama, which resembles NCIS or Law and Order or any of those popular TV dramas, students are already watching, was created by the award-winning production team, Chasing Time. Some highlights of this original and innovation video series for language learning include: Material targeted at two levels: Fortune Blue for High Elementary/Pre-Intermediate learners (CEFR level A2) and Fortune Gold […]

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Teaching is Simple: Follow These Easy Steps

Isn’t it great how stock photos accurately portray what the teaching profession is all about? Look how happy that teacher looks. And it’s all because teaching is simple if you just follow these easy steps (a little teacher humor, if you’ll forgive me). Dress your students in bright colors from the same color palette. A colorful, jewel-toned classroom is the perfect learning environment. I’m sure that’s in Suggestopedia somewhere! Make sure the books on your desk are also colored with the same palette so everything harmonizes. For best results, don’t use books that have any titles or pictures on […]

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