Chasing Time English was founded on a clear premise: to provide engaging live-action narrative series and learning materials for teachers and learners of English language around the world.

Central to the design of our resources is learner motivation. This objective is achieved through the design process, where prior to scripting, the production team consults with applied linguists and teaching professionals to identify appropriate learning content, and to ensure that the more difficult barriers to comprehension are mitigated.


Delivery of episodic narrative shows for adults and young adults across a range of language proficiency levels.

Creation of purposeful learning materials to complement these series for classroom, online and independent use.

Collaboration with media production and education professionals to ensure the highest quality of content based on innovative and meaningful concepts.


We are committed to what we do and take great pride in our work. We want our audience to enjoy and value learning while interacting with our original content.

We believe in providing accessible and affordable options for learning English anywhere in the world.

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