Self Publishing Books for Teachers: Everything to Know

I’m working on a series of posts on everything you need to know about self publishing. My experience is in education so much of what I write will be best for teachers or non-fiction. However, self publishing is self publishing and a book is a book, so there should be something here for every author. I’m covering¬† resources you need and where to get them. What can you do yourself and what are the advantages of hiring a professional editor or book designer? What should you expect when hiring a professional and how can you spot scams? Do you need a self publishing services company?

I also talk about topics that first time self-publishers may not be familiar with such as meta-data and ISBNs. I also discuss copyright issues for indie publishers. And I discuss where to sell your book, with a focus on print-on-demand services like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, IngramSpark from Ingram Content Group and more.

I’m hoping to turn this into a comprehensive guide for all educators looking to self-publish, so feel free to leave comments with your own advice. Or send in questions in comments or by email and let me know what else you’d like to learn about.

Posts about Self-Publishing

Reviews of Author Tools

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