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What a pleasure it was to discover a series totally devoted to the EFL/ESL teacher who may already understand the value of teaching through Drama, or who would like to try this approach for the first time in the classroom” —Charlyn Wessels Dyers, Author of Drama in the Oxford Resource Series for Teachers

A wealth of preparatory activities, suggestions for varied ways of using the text and helpful suggestions for follow-up. What are we waiting for? The play’s the thing . . .“—Alan Maley

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13 July 2018




8.5 x 11 inches


100 pages


Here are some free downloadable resources you can use with the book. Have you come up with your own great idea for an activity that works with Rising WaterSend it to us. If we use it, we’ll send you a discount coupon good for any of our titles.

Take a look at the Table of Contents and a Sample of Rising Water.

Extension Ideas

  • How to Organize a Mini-Debate One of the suggestions for post-performance activities in the book is a mini-debate. It’s a great way to have students grapple with the theme of the play, work with language, and practice the pragmatics of persuasion. Suggested topics for Only the Best Intentions include:
    Is addiction to screens a serious problem or not?
    Children should learn to use technology because technology is the future.
    Agree or Disagree: Schools should ban phones, tablets, and other devices.
    Agree or Disagree: Esports are not real sports.
  • How to Do Readers Theater  Reader’s Theater is a great way to practice pronunciation and pragmatics with a minimum of preparation. Students can also being analyzing the script and rehearse for a full-production. Here’s some things to take into consideration as you do Reader’s Theater in class.

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