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Everything you need to get dramatic in the classroom
Drama and play scripts are powerful tools to teach pronunciation, pragmatics, and other communication skills, as well as provide grammar and vocabulary practice! They are also easy to implement as project-based learning! This book gives you all the practical and theoretical tools you need to use drama activities and lesson plans in the English classroom.

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This easy-to-use and comprehensive teacher-resource book by Alice Savage makes it easy to do drama activities and lessons in the classroom. Plays and drama are a powerful tool for teaching speaking and communication skills. This book has everything you need to integrate theater into language learning, including warm-ups, pronunciation activities, improv games, roleplays, reader’s theater, and even a full production. Plus 10 original scripts so you can put the activities into action immediately!

Conveniently organized into two parts, Part 1 includes pragmatics mini-lessons, community builders, drama games, and pronunciation activities. The book also has also lesson plans for producing a play (either fully-staged or as Reader’s Theater). There are also guidelines and activities for writing plays and suggestions for integrating academic content. Finally, rubrics and evaluation schemes assist in giving notes and feedback, or assessing performance.

Part 2 includes 10 original monologues and scripts of varying lengths that can be photocopied and used in the classroom. Specifically designed to feature everyday language and high frequency social interactions, these scenes and sketches follow engaging plot arcs in which characters face obstacles and strive to achieve objectives.

With a foreword by Ken Wilson, this book is a must-have for anyone interested in drama activities and lesson plans. Help students become more confident and fluent speakers with The Drama Book.

Free Drama Activities

Download the Table of Contents or a preview of the contents. In addition we have other scripts and resources for drama for English learners and other advice on how to do plays with ESL students.


Ebook readers can also download the appendices here. Feel free to print as many copies as you need for your classroom. However, if you have a colleague who is interested in drama activities in their classroom, we hope you’ll encourage them to buy their own copy.

  1. Stress Express
  2. Stress Emphasis
  3. Character Development Worksheet
  4. Award Certificate
  5. Process Drama
  6. Audition Rubric
  7. Evaluation Rubrics
  8. Theater Vocabulary


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What Teachers Think

“…practical teaching advice (and amazing lesson plans) to help students and teachers succeed with drama….All in all, this is a great resource for introducing drama into the ELA classroom, especially for teachers who are unsure how to best tackle it.”

“Alice Savage succeeded in creating a step-by-step guide to not only teaching drama, but also teaching ESL/EFL. The Drama Book is truly an integrated skills course for any teacher….The materials in the book were carefully selected to suit all teaching contexts, and the suggested tasks can be adapted to teach all levels. ”
—Rania Jabr, Senior Instructor II The American University in Cairo, Egypt

“I think any English or Drama teacher would be happy to read this book and place some of the ideas into their teaching.” —Sharon R.

“This book will help me when I get back to teaching in the fall as this holds some interesting ideas for lessons”—Patricia Eroh

“…practicing different emotional expressions, is an incredibly good idea which increases our ability to increase our emotional intelligence, helps us gauge other people’s moods and feelings as well as an invaluable asset to making monosyllabic word-shy teenagers aware that emotions, other than grunting and being offended, are part of us. I also liked the pronunciation exercises and the group interactions.”—Judith

“I’m a homeschooling mom with relatively young kids and this is clearly intended for teachers with a full classroom, either college or maybe high school. But there are a lot of fun ideas and activities that I don’t think it will take me much effort to adapt and use with my kids.” —Ambermoon<

“…the book has very concrete ideas for bridging language goals with performance. Specifically, I’m thinking that students can overcome fear of public speaking and gain confidence and strategies for preparing for job interviews or other high stakes interactions. ” —Jennifer DeLapp

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