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If you’re a small publisher or self-publisher, keeping your business afloat is not easy. And one thing that eats into your profits is when teachers photocopy books that aren’t photocopiable. Textbooks and workbooks make money by selling class sets; that’s just how it works. So while I sympathize with teachers who buy a book and photocopy it over and over (If you can’t afford class sets, talk to your school administrators. They should be providing you with the tools you need in the quantity you need them.) , that practice makes it impossible to continue producing quality work.  So, I’ve been working on a copyright page for textbooks, workbooks, and other educational books that highlights the issue to teachers and administrators.

If you’re looking for a copyright page for a textbook or workbook you’re publishing, feel free to borrow or adapt this one. I’m sharing the contents of this post free of charge to print, download, or photocopy as much as you like. Now, notice that I’ve included the information that I provide discounts for class sets. That’s the flip side of the educational book market. Schools buying 10, 15, 20 copies will want a discount. Be prepared to offer one, even if it’s small.

I’ve also added “Country of Manufacture Specified on Last Page” because I mainly do print-on-demand. If you print your books yourself, add the country of manufacture. I also tend to acknowledge artwork and other things even when I don’t need to, because I’d hope someone would do the same for me. After all, that’s sometimes people discover you and your work.

Free Sample Copyright Page


Copyright 2019 XXX XXX

All rights reserved.

This is not a photocopiable book. Our authors, editors, and designers work hard to develop original, high-quality content. They deserve compensation. Please respect their efforts and their rights under copyright law.

Do not copy, photocopy, or reproduce this book or any part of this book (unless the page is marked PHOTOCOPIABLE) for use inside or outside the classroom, in commercial or non-commercial settings. It is also forbidden to copy, adapt, or reuse this book or any part of this book for use on websites, blogs, or third-party lesson-sharing websites.

For permission requests, write to the publisher at “ATTN: Permissions”, at the address below:



Discounts on class sets and bulk orders available upon inquiry.

Edited by XXXXX

Design by XXXXX

Image on page X, ARTISTNAME from, Story on page Y from original idea by XXX, CC-BY-2.0, Jack and the Beanstalk, from, public domain

Country of Manufacture Specified on Last Page

First Printing 2019

I hope this helps you and I hope if you’re a teacher or administrator, this comes across as a clear and polite request. I’d love to hear your thoughts and your ideas for copyright pages for textbooks, as well.

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