Plays give students the tools they need to speak more effectively. Or with more emotional impact. Or more persuasively. Or more clearly.  And in a world where so much language learning is done in isolation via apps or online tutors, coming to class, working on a fun project, and then showing off the results can be highly motivating and personally satisfying.

But fitting a play into the classroom can be a bit of a challenge. That’s why we’ve published Short Plays for English Learners, a series of 10-15 minute plays with engaging, page-turning plots that feature authentic situations and natural conversations. Use them as reader’s theater scripts or have your students put on full performances with the resources inside.

Short enough to work as a group project, but flexible and adaptable enough to fill a unit or even an elective class, this series of plays will help students gain communication skills that they can apply to their lives outside the classroom.

Short Plays for English Learners Books

Each book features a preview activity, a pragmatics lesson, and tips for acting and producing a play, along with a glossary of theater terms. With a foreword by Steve Hirschhorn, these books are more than just a script; they are an adaptable and flexible lesson plan for a drama unit or fun class project!

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The Drama Book

Cover of the Drama Book by Alice Savage in a teal blue color with the title and author name and the drama masks on it Drama for English Learners made easy

This teacher’s guide is designed for teachers who want to try drama in their English classrooms but don’t know where to start. This book contains monologues, sketches, and scripts, as well as activities and teacher support—everything you need to go from drama games and pronunciation activities to a full production!