In Just Desserts, a baking competition pits an award-winning chef against a member of his own staff with a secret recipe from a faraway country. As students read and perform this original short play, they practice speaking skills they can apply in their real life.

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These scripts will give students the opportunity to confidently practise language in a safe and structured setting where they can enjoy playing roles and bringing the story to life. Standing behind the mask of a character means they don’t have to worry about making mistakes. They have the lines in front of them, so they can concentrate on the pragmatic aspects of communication, such as expression, gesture and body language. With any luck they’ll be having so much fun that they won’t even realise that they are learning!

—David Farmer, NILE training consultant, theatre director, and author

Just Desserts is a short, original play about what happens when a teenager has to stand up to their boss, an overbearing local celebrity chef. The engaging, suspenseful play hits on an important theme for students, how to stand up for yourself in a difficult situation. However, this play was written for English students to improve their communication and speaking skills.

As students read, practice, and perform these plays, they will learn:

  • cultural contexts
  • conversational moves
  • intonation and body language
  • high frequency lexical phrases and grammar patterns

Short enough for a project in a speaking class, but expandable to fill a whole elective class, drama unit, or theater club production, Just Desserts makes drama in the classroom a good thing!

Download a preview of Just Desserts by Alice Savage and check out more resources on drama in the classroom here.

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