Why a Teacher Shared Her Burnout Story

Patrice Palmer had been teaching English for 20 years when she left teaching in 2015. She felt no desire to continue teaching even though she loved ESL. But she didn’t realize that she had burned out, unaware that teacher burnout was a thing.

Ironically, not teaching every day may have been what gave her the time to start reading about educator stress and teacher burnout. She read about useful tools such as the Maslach Burnout Inventory. She discovered the research on how frequently teachers were leaving the profession. And googling “teacher well-being”, she discovered the Teacher Self-Care Conference.All well and good, but this advice would have helped her more when she started teaching. Not when it felt as if it were already over.

So she decided to share her story, her research findings, and the techniques that have helped her come back in her latest book, The Teacher Self-Care Manual: Simple Strategies for Stressed Teachers. The emphasis is definitely on the simple. Patrice looks at ways of changing deeply ingrained beliefs and habits that do more harm than good. She also suggests some ways to take inventory of your state and focus on the positive.

But lest you think teacher self-care is something that you can put off, Patrice has an interesting warning:

“When I returned to part-time teaching after an 18-month break, I never regained the passion I had so I think it is critical to avoid burning out in the first place and find ways to be and stay well and practice self-care!”

Read the whole post, Why I finally told my story of burn-out,” on Patrice’s blog.

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