Tell me a story about:

  • A genie that grants wishes by taking things away from other people
  • A mirror that lets you see what is happening anywhere in the world but only for 60 seconds
  • A magic book that writes down everything you say and do, no matter how good or bad.
  • A computer program that can instantly teach you one skill.
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A collection of 52 short story prompts,, one for every day of the week. Guiding questions help with the brainstorming process and an introduction discusses story structure and the writing process. There’s even a sample outline to adapt. Everything you need to start writing stories! Use them in creative writing class, as part of homeschool, or to get your creative juices flowing!

Check out the whole English Prompts Series of guided journals.

Get inspired. Get creative. Write on. 


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7 x 10 inches



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17 Mar 2020

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