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“Ms. Munzi-Logus has written and illustrated a heartfelt book which celebrates a young boy born with a small ear. Learning about this condition through the eyes of this joyful and accepting child’s feelings could be illuminating for anyone not familiar with this condition.” — Patty Lakin, author of Dad and Me in the Morning”

“Thank you for bringing awareness and understanding to facial differences and hearing loss. This beautifully illustrated children’s book can help facilitate dialogue towards empathy and compassion.” — Dr. Sheryl Lewin, Craniofacial and Pediatric Plastic Surgeon (Tiny Ear Specialist)

“This beautifully illustrated book shares a powerful message about how kids who have differences are typical kids. They want to be included and treated like any other kid.” —Valli Gideons, Founder of the blog My Battle Call and author of the Amazon #1 New Release children’s book, Now Hear This: Harper Soars with her Magic Ears. 

JoJo’s Tiny Ear highlights how ‘different’ is just a simple explanation away from being wonderful, accepted, and valued.” — Dr. Joseph Veth, Professor of Education, Albertus Magnus College

“A wonderful book about inclusion and acceptance.  Jojo is a resilient young boy who is full of life and, with the help of his mom, brings awareness to microtia.  Through the book, Jojo teaches everyone that just because something may be different; you can still play, reach far places, and enjoy life all the same.” — Nicole Cossette, Doctoral Candidate, Infant and Early Childhood Development, Fielding Graduate University

“A playful and informative story about living with microtia. As someone who was born with microtia as well, it is important for stories like this one to introduce children and families to the specifics associated with the condition.” — Dr. Justine Green, author of Completely Me.

“ an inspiring and sweet story…told in rhyming verse and accompanied by bright, colorful illustrations, this heartwarming story [is] Beautifully told.” Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Readers’ Favorite

“… a must read for parents teaching their children about empathy and compassion.” — Victoria Irwin, Reedsy’s Discovery

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Jojo is a happy boy who loves fireworks, the zoo, swings, and trucks! He was also born with a hearing disability. In this inspiring, child-friendly picture book about microtia, written by his mother, Jojo will tell you all about his favorite things. He’ll also answer your questions about his tiny ear and show you that his disability doesn’t stop him from enjoying his life!

Author and illustrator Stefania Munzi-Logus writes lovingly, but informatively, about her son, his condition, and how to communicate with people with microtia.  But the real message for kids and parents alike is that differences are ok and that everybody is a little bit different!

“Be proud of what makes you, you.
We all thrive with our own technique.
You are valuable too.
The world is more beautiful when we are all unique.”

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28 pages


8.5 x 8.5 inches


Media and Press about Jojo and Stefania

Bright Spot: High School teacher raises awareness for hearing loss through art, interview on WFSB with Nicole Nalepa

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Stef Munzi-Logus Uses Art to Bring Awareness to Hearing Loss, profile on Zip06 with Jenn Mculloch

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