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“A simple but enjoyable story adapted for A1 readers.” — Miss Gilly, teacher

A young man is never happy so his father sends him to a wise man. The wise man offers him treasure after treasure, but at the cost of his eyes or arms or legs. Finally, the young man learns the meaning of the real treasure in life!

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This fable from Kazakhstan, part of Kazakh folklore, adapted for beginner readers, tells the story of a discontent young man who discovers that wealth and treasures mean nothing without the real treasure: yourself.

Illustrations, large font-size, and minimal text on each page make it easy for language learners and young readers to improve reading skills. There is also an introduction to Kazakhstan, comprehension and discussion questions, a map, and a link to a simple article on the country, as well as an extension writing prompt.

The World Folktales Graded Readers bring stories from around the world into the ESL classroom. Traditional tales interest people of all ages who love folk stories as well as learning and sharing wisdom from around the world. Inspire students to share stories from their own culture as they improve reading speed and fluency!

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