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15 Jun 2021

How Babik Cheated Death

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“It is a folk tale for all ages but I totally recommend it for children and young teenagers. I also liked how the story unfolds as it keeps you wonder what will happen next. I can’t wait to read the rest of the graded readers which are based on folk tales from around the world.”

— Tanya, English Teacher

“A fun and easy to read story with good illustrations.”

— Miss Gilly, teacher

“I couldn’t stop reading until it was finished. I think it’s really instructive; the diction is appropriate for the target audience, and the usage of visuals helps to draw the reader’s attention.”

— Dr. Rasha Elbashir, King Abdulaiz University

A Romani folk tale, told in many tribes and even among non-Romani, a clever man tricks Death to live as long as he likes, then fools the Devil and the angels and makes his way to Heaven!

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This humorous Romani folk tale, adapted for beginner readers, tells the story of Babik, a clever man who uses his wits to trick Death, trap the Devil, and outsmart the angels!

Illustrations, large font-size, and minimal text on each page make it easy for language learners and young readers to improve reading skills. There is also an introduction to Romani culture (and why the word “gypsy” is a slur), comprehension and discussion questions, a map of the Romani diaspora, and a link to a simple article on the country, with a prompt to research and present on the culture.

The World Folktales Graded Readers bring stories from around the world into the ESL classroom. Traditional tales interest people of all ages who love folk stories, as well as learning and sharing wisdom from around the world. Inspire students to share stories from their own culture as they improve reading speed and fluency!

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