How to Read EPUBS

When you buy ebooks through the Kindle store or iBooks or a similar marketplace, you can open and read them quite easily. However, when you download epubs from a website like ours, you have to download a program or import them to your usual ebook reader. Here’s a list of programs that allow you to read ebooks on your PC, Mac, tablet, or phone. This is by no means a comprehensive list! Please share your favorite EPUB or ebook readers in the comments!





  • Sigil: An ebook editor for Windows, Mac, or Linux that also lets you read ebooks. Download link:


  • iBooks on Mac: To import any epub file into iBooks on your Mac, just select the EPUB file, then go to the File Menu, and select iBooks. It will be added to your iBooks library.


  • iBooks on iPhone: Save the ebook to your files by selecting the share icon and choosing Save to File. Then open the Files app. Browse to your EPUB file and open it. It will be opened to iBooks.



  • Kindle or Kindle apps: You can use Calibre or Sigil to convert your EPUB to a MOBI file and email it to your Kindle using your Kindle email. Or try a service like to convert and email your file.

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