I’m looking forward to trying this out with my students

I just wanted to share a kind review of Her Own Worst Enemy from Clare Mass, English Language Lecturer at Universität Trier, Joint Events Coordinator for MaWsIG, the IATEFL group for Materials Writers, and blogger at http://clareseltcompendium.wordpress.com/

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first heard about this concept: Integrated skills through drama? A play that is a curriculum? But what a great idea!

This book, Her Own Worst Enemy, for example, includes everything teachers need to introduce the key topics of the plot and to practise language whilst preparing to put on the play, as well as what to do afterwards and some advice on assessing students’ performance as language learners on this project! There are background readings, activities for writing and pronunciation training, and tasks to promote critical thinking as well as listening skills. These can all be used in any sequence the teacher deems appropriate, and would be usable with various sized classes.

The text seems to be around the B1 level, and may be too simple for more advanced learners, though the productive tasks would allow for differentiation. Age-wise I’d say it’s best aimed at teenagers or young adults who may find themselves in similar situations to the main character, trying to decide on a career path to choose, though I’m sure older adults would also find interest in Her Own Worst Enemy!

I am impressed by the way all of the tasks hold together so well with the themes of the play and also provide such varied language input and practice of relevant pragmatic functions. I’m looking forward to trying this out with my students next term.


I’m grateful she had time to share this 3 days before the IATEFL Conference begins! And so considerate of her to do so as Only the Best Intentions, the second book in the Integrated Skills Through Drama series just went up for preorder on Amazon.

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