Alice Savage

Only the Best Intentions: A modern romance between a guy, a girl, and a game

ebook, paperback

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Only the Best Intentions is the second book in the Integrated Skills Through Drama series, coursebooks that teach communication skills through an original one-act play. Only the Best Intentions  follows the busy Curry family as they prepare for daughter Gigi’s big wedding. Until she discovers her fiancé wants to be a professional computer game player. The family tries to help Gigi decide whether to break it off or support his dream. But in a modern romance the rules of the game change faster than a smartphone app updates!

Besides teaching speaking and performance skills, the play and accompanying readings raise questions about family in the age of screens, tech addiction, and whether esports are a real thing (your students will love knowing more about this than you!). Create a fun, dynamic classroom environment with this new and creative teaching method!

As students prepare to perform the play, they will practice many skills:

  • Pronunciation Practice: Sentence stress
  • Pragmatics Practice: Consoling someone
  • Production Skills: Learning a part and staging plays for students
  • Attentive Listening: esports vs. real sports
  • Readings on the growing world of esports, the realities of having a gamer in the family, and family life in the age of screens.
  • Debate and Discussion: What are esports? How do they compare to other sports? How is technology affecting family and social lives?
  • Creative Writing

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ebook, paperback




Integrated Skills Through Drama



Here are some free downloadable resources you can use with the book. Have you come up with your own great idea for an activity that works with Only the Best IntentionsSend it to us. If we use it, we’ll send you a discount coupon good for any of our titles.

Answer Key

Extension Ideas

  • How to Organize a Mini-Debate One of the suggestions for post-performance activities in the book is a mini-debate. It’s a great way to have students grapple with the theme of the play, work with language, and practice the pragmatics of persuasion. Suggested topics for Only the Best Intentions include:
    Is addiction to screens a serious problem or not?
    Children should learn to use technology because technology is the future.
    Agree or Disagree: Schools should ban phones, tablets, and other devices.
    Agree or Disagree: Esports are not real sports.
  • How to Do Readers Theater  Reader’s Theater is a great way to practice pronunciation and pragmatics with a minimum of preparation. Students can also being analyzing the script and rehearse for a full-production. Here’s some things to take into consideration as you do Reader’s Theater in class.

Pragmatics Lesson Plans

  • Wedding Party Simulation Role-play Oscar and Gigi’s wedding and help students practice beginning, and continuing small talk, as well as getting out of a conversation. These are valuable real-life skills.

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