Alice Savage

Only the Best Intentions: A modern romance between a guy, a girl, and a game


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Only the Best Intentions teaches students language skills as they produce an original one-act play.

Life’s ups and downs do not slow down the busy Curry family whose members are juggling jobs, family, school, sports, and wedding plans. But when 20-year-old Gigi announces that she has broken off her engagement to a computer gamer, everything comes to a stop. Eve wants to help Gigi and Oscar, but in a modern romance, the rules the game are always changing.

As students prepare to perform the play, they will practice many skills, including:

  • Pronunciation Practice: Sentence stress
  • Pragmatics Practice: Consoling someone
  • Production Skills: Learning a part and staging plays for students
  • Attentive Listening: esports vs. real sports
  • Readings on the growing world of esports, the realities of having a gamer in the family, and the new reality of family life in the age of screens.
  • Debate and Discussion
  • Creative Writing

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Integrated Skills Through Drama

Her Own Worst Enemy is part of the Integrated Skills Through Drama series that teaches communication skills, as well as creative and academic writing, while students read and analyze an original one-act play on an important and relevant issue that touches their lives.

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Integrated Skills Through Drama