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Do you have a young child who is getting into Minecraft? Are they frustrated by the other guides that are either too vague or too difficult to follow? They’re not quite patient enough to build a realistic space shuttle or a giant castle and you don’t want them watching YouTube for inspiration.

That was me and my son. So I started this series for families like us. The Basic Minecraft for Kids series provides easy-to-read, kid-safe guides to building the simple things kids like. We provide a simple build, a few variations and ideas, and then let them get creative!

These guides are so clear and easy, even parents can understand them!

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How to Build a House in Minecraft is just what it sounds like, a guide to building a house in Minecraft! The instructions are simple, kid-safe, and leave plenty of room for creativity. Kids will learn to build a simple house, a crenelated roof, a slanted roof, and get some ideas for decorating the inside!

Part of our growing series of Basic Minecraft for Kids books, easy Minecraft builds for kids. Younger players need to start at the beginning. So that’s where we start!

Check out our guide to Creating a World in Minecraft.

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22 April 2020




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