Here you’ll find links to all of our Basic Minecraft for Kids books and project ideas!

My son started playing Minecraft in kindergarten, but all the books and tutorials we could find were aimed at older kids. The builds were too complicated or too big. The language was too hard. And some online blogs or videos have some adult language or images on them.

So I decided to create a set of simple, kid-safe guides to building simple stuff. basic Minecraft for Kids. Our first guide is just how to build a house, including a slanted roof (or a triangle roof, as my son calls it). We plan to add guides to making simple towers and even a small castle.

Not too big, not too small, not too hard, not too simple. Just right for younger game players!

So check out our growing list of guides to Minecraft, take our poll to let us know what we should work on next, check out our safety tips, and leave comments to let us know what you’re doing.

You can even post pictures of your builds to our Facebook page (if your parents agree!)


Looking for an Easy and Fun Way to Learn the Basics?

Get our free Minecraft Survival Mode Challenge sheet with a list of 47 (and growing) tasks that start from the basics like collecting wood to the advanced like staying alive all night long or baking a cake, getting honey, and trading with villagers. Check off the tasks as you do them and watch your level go up!

And check out our video tutorials that show you exactly how to do the tasks! Each one is easy to follow and kid-safe. Minecraft for Kids YouTube Channel

Check out our latest Minecraft blog posts!

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New to Minecraft?

Check out our guide to getting started and creating a new world:


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Here are some tips to stay safe online, particularly for younger kids.

Minecraft is a great game, but you need to be smart!

Though we can’t be held responsible for your activity online or the content of any third-party websites, we’d like to offer some advice for staying safe.

  1. Be sure your parents or guardians are aware of what you are doing online. If you’re worried about anything, tell your parents or guardians or a trusted adult.
  2. Let your parents or guardian help you set up accounts. Many programs and services won’t let you make an account unless your parents or guardian agree. And your parents or guardian can limit your account to protect you.
  3. Tell your parents if you are chatting with people or people are chatting with you. Let them see what is being said in those chats.
  4. Never use your real name online with strangers and do not use it as your username.
  5. Never give out any personal information like your address, your school, your family members’ names, or how old you are.
  6. Don’t share your password with anyone except your parents or guardians.
  7. Be aware that some programs or apps can cause you to spend money. Check with your parents or guardian before doing so.

Disclaimer: None of our books or websites are official MINECRAFT products. They were not approved by or associated with Mojang nor do we have any official or unofficial relationship with Mojang, beyond LOVING Minecraft so much!

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