Easy Kitchen Furniture in Minecraft

Whether you build a cool house, castle, or tower in Minecraft, you need furniture and decorations to make it look nice. Here are some ideas for easy kitchen furniture in Minecraft. You can put them in your house or restaurant or even an office building setting (and click here for ideas for office furniture in Minecraft too)!

Share your best furniture ideas in the comments or show how you used my ideas here!

Kitchen Chair

Armchair with one stair and two signs on each side.

An easy way to make a chair is to use a stair.
You can also put two chairs next to each other. It looks like a couch.

Or make an armchair. Put down a stair with a stair. Put two signs on the sides of the char. Don’t write anything on the signs.

4 stairs in back, then one stair facing left and one stair facing right.

You can even make a big couch. Put 4 stairs next to each other. Put 2 stairs on the ends. One stair faces left. One faces right. You can make this very big if you want. This is probably better for a living room, but it can still be fun to do in a big kitchen!

You can even put a slab or carpets in the middle to make it a deep couch.

Here’s a cool idea for a chair I just learned about from @SheepGG: Put a campfire down. Put out the fire with a shovel or a splash bottle of water. Now put a sign on the back. I’ll take a picture when I can.

Kitchen Table for Minecraft

Make a small table by putting a fence down (it will look like a stick). Put a carpet on top.

To make a big table, put fences down. Put carpets on top of all the fences.
If you choose brown carpet, it looks like wood. If you choose another color, it looks like a table cloth. Put small chairs around the table if you want.

Another easy way to make a table is to use a scaffolding.

Refrigerator in Minecraft

A refridgerator is a key piece of kitchen furniture! Put down an iron door.
Put an iron block behind the door. The iron block should touch the door.
If it doesn’t touch the iron door, put it on the other side of the door.
Put another iron block on top of that block.

You can put a button on the side of the iron. This will make the door open and close!

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Kitchen Cabinets in Minecraft

To make cabinets you need to make a wall.
Then you can put blocks on the bottom of the wall and also at the top. Some blocks can be cabinets. Some can be counters.

Barrels make nice kitchen cabinets or use wood and put trapdoors on them. Try different kinds of trapdoors.
See what looks good to you. Don’t be afraid to mix and match
If you want a big cabinet or closet, you can put a door on it.


Put a block of quartz down on the counter! Now put an item frame on the quartz.
Put a glass pane on the item frame. Now put a button on the front.

Cutting Board

Put an item frame on a block. Put a piece of food in the item frame. This works with apples, meat, fish, any food really. You can also try this trick on tables. Put an item frame down and then some food, even soup. It looks like there’s food on a placement on the table!


Dishwasher on left, Oven/Stove on right

Put a block of quartz or iron or black concrete down.
Put a birch trapdoor the bottom part.

Oven and Stove

Put a block of quartz or iron or black concrete down. Put an iron trapdoor on top. This is the stove.
Put an item frame on the front. Put a piece of glass in the item frame. This is the oven.


A cauldron makes a good sink.

Put it all together to make a kitchen. Don’t forget a floor. Here I’ve done a checkered floor. Feel free to get more creative than I have.

Outdoor kitchen!

Do you have any cool ideas for kitchen furniture in Minecraft? Share them in the comments.

Disclaimer: Some of these ideas I borrowed from various places online such as video tutorials or other how-to tutorials Sometimes I had an idea that many people also had. I may have adapted or changed the idea, or gotten some ideas to improve my creation from tutorials. However, I only present ideas here that I have either adapted or seen used in many other tutorials.

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