Easy Office Furniture in Minecraft

I don’t know why it’s satisfying to modern buildings and offices in Minecraft. You’d think we’d be tired of offices and want to use Minecraft as escapism. And the medieval castle urge is strong. But every now and then it’s fun to see if you can a modern workplace, including office furniture in the game.

So here are some ideas for making your office look good, including easy ways to make computers, desks, printers, bookcases, and file cabinets. You can use them in Minecraft skyscrapers, cities, or even your house! I’ve tried to avoid techniques that are too complicated so that kids can enjoy them (and some techniques involve pushing armor stands with pistons, which works in Java but not in bedrock anymore). So I’m keeping it simple! I’m also keeping my language simple for kids!

Share your own ideas for office furniture in Minecraft in the comments or even show how you used my ideas here!


A Polished Stone Stair an Oak Wood Stair, and a Polished Quartz Stair

An easy way to make a chair is to use a stair. Try different kinds of stairs. Each one looks different. Wood stairs look like wooden chairs. Warped fungus and Crimson fungus are very colorful. Stone stairs can look like metal. Smooth Quartz stairs look like plastic. Those are the most modern, in my opinion. You can add signs to the sides of the chairs. That makes it look like an armchair!


A modern desk in Minecraft with three oak blocks and two birch trapdoors.

An easy way to make a desk is to put down three wooden or stone blocks. I think the wooden blocks look nice. You can try different colors. Stone block can look like metal. You can even use wool blocks or concrete blocks to make your office colorful.

Attach trapdoors to the sides of the blocks. They look like drawers or cabinets. Pretty nice, right?

Upside stairs make a nice desk or counter. Make it long or short. Add corners if you want.

Another way to make a desk is with upside down stairs. You can make a long worktable next to a wall like this. Many offices, libraries, and schools have this kind of counter. To place stairs upside down, you have to aim carefully. Make the cursor (+) point at the top of the blocks behind the desk.

You can also add two sideways stairs to the end. Now it looks a lot more like a long desk. Putting a stairs sideways a bit tricky too! You have to stand in front of your desk, turn to the side, and aim the cursor (+) at the top corner of the wall next to the desk. See if you can do it!

Nice work table or desk in Minecraft

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An easy way to make a computer is to add a banner to a desk. Black, white, or grey banners look the most like computers.

Where to place a banner to make a computer screen

Banners take up two spaces. The trick is to show only the top half of the banner. To do that, place a banner in the space above and behind the middle of the desk, right where that square is. If you do it right, it’ll look like a computer screen or monitor on top of the desk. Are you good with looms? You might be able to create a pattern on the banner that looks more like a monitor!

Want to have a desktop computer or tower? Many of the white, black and grey walls look like computers if you place them on top of desks. I like the Blackstone Wall or the Diorite Wall.

painting plus carpet equals laptop

To make a laptop, put a piece of grey, black, or white carpet on the top of your desk. Then on the wall behind it, add a painting. Now when you put a painting on a wall, it will fill up the space. So if you place a painting on a big wall, it will make a big painting.

For your laptop, you want a painting that is one block big. So you need to have a wall that is one block big. You can do this before you build the rest of the wall. Or destroy part of the wall every time you make a laptop. Then rebuild it.


Here’s an idea for an office printer. Make a stack of two stone slabs.

Then add a white banner behind the stack, as we did for the desktop screen above.

Put a slab in front of the stack and add a white carpet above that slab! Looks like one of those big copy machine/printers now, right?

Other Office Furniture for Minecraft

You can also make a file cabinet. Make it out of stone slabs or wooden slabs or even iron blocks. This one is eight slabs tall and two slabs wide. Add item frames on the front. Put a gate in the item frames. Now it looks like cabinet drawers with handles.

Another fun idea is a water cooler. Put down an iron block. Add a button to the front. Put a blue glass block on top.

Another nice decoration to add is bookcases, and that is something that already exists in Minecraft. You also may want to add a big table or some kitchen furniture.

Here’s a modern office, a bit sparse, with all the furniture together!

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Hope you enjoyed these ideas for office furniture in Minecraft. Do you have any ideas to share?

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