Alphabet Publishing’s Most Popular Posts of 2021

It’s that time of year again: Time to share my most popular posts of 2021 so if you missed it, you’ll see it now! It seems like there’s a big focus on community and social-emotional learning (including teacher self-care)! I’m not sure in a year of COVID resurgences and political and social turmoil, that any of that is particularly surprising! I’m also kind of happy to see my quirky posts on a cool tech trick and on Minecraft, my hobby, are trending!

So without further ado: popular posts, bestsellers, and a series making a comeback in 2021!

Most Popular Posts

  • How to Merge Data from Excel to PowerPoint: This process allows you to create flashcards or any kind of structured data in Excel (or Word) and turn each set of info into a separate slide in PowerPoint. It’s an amazing way to create Student Profiles, Flashcards, Quote of the Day Sets, Prompt of the Week Sets and more!
  • Easy Minecraft Kitchen Furniture: I like Minecraft. I try to play Minecraft in my free time, but free time is limited. So I thought maybe sharing Minecraft ideas here would motivate me. And lo and behold, a Minecraft post is #2 for the year!
  • An Interactive Way to Review the Syllabus: A great framework for reviewing a big important document such as a syllabus in a way that’s a bit more interactive!
  • Short Plays for English Learners: These plays by Alice Savage continue to please. Each one is high-interest, features an array of colloquial language, and provides wonderful practice for prosody and pragmatics!
  • Warmers for Online Classes: This post may prove to be popular next year too (Thanks, omicron!). Ways to warm up online and make the distance learning classroom a little less remote (Yes, I did just think of that). And the good news is these all work in face-to-face classrooms too!
  • Classroom Community Builders: My book on useful language practice activities that also build classroom community. Go beyond breaking the ice and create a strong classroom community.

I also like to look at which books are selling well in 2021! It’s been an interesting and challenging year for everyone. So you never quite know what teachers are looking for, but we have a few books that stood out as bestsellers, and some books that are suddenly popular again!

Rising Stars

The Silly Shakespeare for Students Series is our rising star, or most improved series of books, particularly A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I love these plays and I’m so happy to see teachers starting to use them!

Best-Sellers in 2021

Drama, self-care, and creative writing. Sounds about right for 2021, doesn’t it? We love all our books and we’re grateful to all our customers, but we’re glad you’re enjoying these books as much as we are! Check out our whole catalog for even more creative and innovative teacher-resource books and supplementary student books!

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