Resources for Classroom Community Builders and Icebreakers

SoOn this page, we’re collecting some great resources for classroom community builders and icebreakers. That includes particularly useful back-to-school activities and articles to build community and get your students and classroom ready to work hard, show respect, and learn well. This includes research on the importance of building rapport. But, we’ll also share quick classroom tips and tricks. We’ve even got some great icebreaker or warm up activities here. Keep coming back as we update this page regularly. Got a link you want to share? Leave a comment!

Tips for Building Classroom Community on Day One

  • The Importance of Establishing Rapport with Your Students . This is a great article on the benefits of building rapport with your students. It breaks rapport-building-behaviors into concrete things you can do in your classroom today!
  • How Can You Use Icebreakers? What a great list of things to consider when selecting an icebreaker.
  • Setting The Tone in the First Ten Minutes of Class. This is a great testament to the power of the Do-Now. I like how a good Do-Now can create a classroom space that is calm and work-focused but still friendly and safe. Believe it or not, some teachers dislike fun icebreakers because they feel it can get students ramped up at the beginning of class. This article is a good reminder that an icebreaker can be calming as well. This article was a big reason I finally collected my do-now quotes and riddles and games into the book, On the Board.
  • 50 Classroom Procedures is a comprehensive checklist of procedures you may need for class, such as how to start class off and what to do if students are confused.
  • On the Very First Day (Be the Best You Can Be) Often the best way to build rapport is to share a bit of ourselves and our interests with our students.

Building Classroom Community All Year

Articles on How to Build Classroom Community


Suggested Activities for Building Classroom Community

and other back-to-school activities!

  •  Classroom Community Builders is my collection of activates that build classroom community while also doing language work! Students walk away from the first day of school feeling part of a team. But they also feel like they got some work done, too!
  • Start off the year by teaching teamwork skills. Everyone has a group work horror story. Part of the problem is we don’t always remember to teach students how to work in groups. So Patrice Palmer shares some activities to avoid group work pitfalls and start class off on the right foot.
  • 3 Ways to Take Advantage of the Culture in Your Classroom My three favorite activities for getting students to share their greatest resource–their own culture.
  • 4 Activities to Get to Know Student Expectations   Four great activities to learn my students’ expectations. And these activities have the added benefit of being fun and working well as icebreakers or as class rapport.
  • 7 First Day of School Activities Students Love focuses on activities that get students thinking about the course and course requirements. We’re always fond of articles that stretch classroom community builders to be about more than just getting to know you or having fun. Although, those things are important, too.
  • Using a Course Blog as a Class Ice-Breaker. Can a blog be an ice-breaker? This professor tried it out and found it worked pretty well!
  • Icebreakers for a Psychology Class In addition, we do not view ice-breakers as only necessary the first day or first week of courses, but rather we view ice-breakers as ways to continue building community and introducing new topics.” Here Here!

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