Walton Burns

50 Activities for the First Day of School

ebook, paperback

It’s a little gem for newer teachers who want accessible activities for the first day or week at their fingertips.
Modern English Teacher

A treasure trove of creative and practical icebreakers, warm-ups, and activities for building a cohesive class.
–Dorothy Zemach

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Go back to school with confidence! With 50 Activities for the First Day of Schoolyou can walk in to any classroom and start off with great first day of school activities with no preparation.  This collection of fun and engaging activities will help you take care of important first day business and have fun at the same time:  learn students’ names, build rapport, assess their knowledge, introduce language, and establish the class rules. Your students will walk away having had a fun first class. You will walk away with a classroom community that is respectful, work-oriented, and friendly.

All of these first day of school activities are classroom-tested, student-loved, and teacher-approved.  Presented with clear and detailed instructions., there are also suggestions for varying or adapting the activities to your classroom. Even an experienced teacher will come to see old favorites and go-to activities in a new light.

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Free Downloads


Here are some free worksheets and resources for you. All of these resources are provided free to download, print, and copy for use in the classroom. You are also welcome to use them as models for your own activities. A few are in .DOC format, meaning you are welcome to edit them to adapt them for your class.


This is a first-class guide, with icebreakers, warm-ups, and activities for building a cohesive class…. A valuable resource for any classroom teacher’s shelf, it would also be a great gift for a substitute teacher.

Dorothy Zemach, author and teacher trainer,

It’s always a good idea to have a suite of activities to rely on, but these tasks can easily become stale. Walton Burns’ book is a great help in keeping your first day activities fresh and motivating for your learners. (full review here)

James Taylor, teacher, #ELTChat Moderator

Start the year or semester off on the right foot by being prepared with a copy of 50 Activities for the First Day of School. Walton Burns has crafted a “must-have” for all teachers.

– Patrice Palmer, teacher trainer

These simple, but engaging activities will not only break the ice with a new group of students, but they will also facilitate the important task of rapport building beyond Day 1.

Jennifer Lebedev (JenniferESL), teacher, author,

 This is a must have guide not only for day one, but for so many other bonding activities throughout the year!  Having a stress free classroom from the first day insures a great learning environment for students , and you!

– Ann Goldfinger, ESL tutor & retired public school teacher

50 Activities for the First Day of School reads a bit like a teacher’s workshop where everyone shares a favourite idea. When I first read through, I was reminded of a few activities I had forgotten but used to love…. It’s a little gem for newer teachers who want accessible activities for the first day or week at their fingertips.

– Modern English Teacher

New TESOL practitioners (especially those of young learners) will appreciate it as a collection of tried-and-tested activities that can be employed without much adaptation. … (full review here)

–  MWIS Newsletter

“Written with an engaging style” (Full video here)

– Matt and Purland Training

“This book gives this clarity that is needed for the first day” (Full video here)

– Martin Sketchley,

The activities are presented clearly and concisely and they are adaptable. They help set the right tone for a successful year. (full review here)

– Dave Dodgson, ICT Coordinator British Councils, Bahrain

 I honestly believe utilizing this resource will make a remarkably positive impact on any educator’s teaching practices. (full review here)

– Anthippi Harou, EFL teacher primary school

Many of the activities could also be used throughout the term, to re-energise the class group, strengthen the sense of community, or deal with organisational matters….(full review here)

– Clare Fielder, English Language Lecturer, University of Trier in Germany.

Walton shows that he is well aware of the importance of building rapport with learners and how trust plays an important part in developing self confidence and motivation in learning….(full review here)

– Debora Tebovich, EFL Teacher with 25 years experience

I highly recommend first-year teachers buy it as it can greatly help them feel at-ease when getting accustomed to the classroom. Seasoned teachers should read it, too, as many of the ideas can give way to other strategies which may be helpful or more appropriate for their classroom …(full review here)

Ketan Hein, EFL teacher in Korea

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